The nuts-and-bolts of natural movement

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In this program, we explore what it means to move nature meant with comfort and playful spontaneity. Many of us forgot what it meant to move from the grassroots of  joyous being and ease. 

Many of us unlearned to trust our body’s wisdom to guide us to dance through life. We need to trust our inner listening  to navigate our lives with confidence and feel good and resilient both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Habits, formed over life, drive our behaviors in physical and emotional movement. Our teachers and caregivers shortened most of our learning with well-intentioned but poor movement advice and at an early age we learned  to think in judgments of Right and Wrong.

Instead of following our body’s way, our mind took over our physical organization with its limited body-knowledge and urge for approval of others.. 

Over time we develop beliefs that over-shout the body’s messages. We only hear the body when it has to yell at us her story of pain. But what about her whispers of joy and delight?

To witness ourselves through Awareness helps us to know ourselves anew. It helps us to know the inner, richly varied world of movement more deeply and to perceive, sense and feel it in detail.  Conscious attention combined with curious play invites our brain to be creative and inquisitive again. And only the brain can change the painful and tense patterns into new, rich patterns that are in tune with our own unique body design, so that we move in harmony with our body’s way of life. Perceiving, Feeling, Thinking and Moving are inextricably linked through the brain. 

This program guides you in:

  • Reviewing and adjusting perceptions of yourself.
  • Rediscovering how to tap into the knowledge of your body to move joyous ease.  
  • Rediscovering how to feel happy in your skin by moving more connected to your body. 
  • Discovering the endless possibilities of your nervous system for growth and transformation. 
  • Re-developing trust, self-reliance, creativity, and curiosity. 
  • Discovering resources for self healing that you can always acces in yourself. 

In this program, you will become your own witness and body whisperer by attending to yourself unprejudiced from the inside out as you move. This will guide you to:

  • to transform your movement habits and emotional behaviors
  • create ways of moving that are in tune with your body’s design to move.
  • discover a variety of ways to feel, think and do with joyful ease.
  • re-establish trust in your body, your senses, and your own learning process.
  • Reawaken your true life-loving self
  • create your personal joyous and spontaneous way of moving