6 simple recipes for a happy spine

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So many people experience fatigue, tension, and pain in their backs. More often than not, habits of holding ourselves together through unnecessary muscle tension, a fixated mindset about how our bodies should move, and not enough varied physical activity are at the root of these problems.

In this short program, you will be guided through neuro-physical movement variations that help your body to organize itself efficiently and reconnect with the forces of the earth. The result is a relaxed, supple, and strong back, and a healthy energy balance.

All you need is a mat and a big towel or blanket. You will be lying on the ground (your mat) as my voice will guide you through a journey inward, sensing yourself and getting to know yourself from within through movement, attention, curiosity, and playfulness.

The Feldenkrais method is a neuro-physical experiential and holistic learning method, that helps you to move out of limited emotional, mental and physical habits while creating new patterns for moving through life effortlessly and painless.

Combining self-awareness, movement, exploration, mindfulness, curiosity, and playfulness, it uses the nervous system’s capacity to endlessly learn, grow and rewire.

The Feldenkrais explorations are suitable for all ages from adolescence. Even if you are in pain you can safely do these little tasters, providing that you can take responsibility for yourself.