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The nuts and bolts of moving as nature intended

Check out this Feldenkrais exploration to imagine and move Summer is arriving and Covid lockdown regulations are loosening up. We are free to move again. But what does it really mean to move with freedom? I believe freedom firstly needs to be felt inside. And so often we create our inner prisons with the beliefs […]

3 signs that you are attached to pain

You can have a joyful meaningful and vibrant life every day. It is all about focus and attention. Most of us are oriented at looking for what is wrong and what is missing emotional, physical, and mental. A mind looking for defects in a perfect imaginary creation of oneself, a mind looking for stories to […]

Play as remedy

Play is the remedy, movement the foundation, the body the way in. Rediscover your inner resources of playfulness and curiosity. Invite more lightness, peacefulness, joy, and sparkle energy in your life. Give your mind a break by stepping in the mind- empty-spontaneity of your body moving. Many of our physical complaints of tension and even […]

A vibrant you starts with a free voice

In this video, I talk about the impact of our physical and mental habits and our emotional behavior on our life energy. Energy that wants to move. It expresses itself through our movement and our voice. Ultimately, the way our energy is allowed to flow determines how we connect to ourselves and our environment My […]

The sound of you

Sound is our channel for expression. It is the energy of vibration and has the potential to heal and open the spaces in ourselves energetically and physically. It eases our breathing, softens tight places in the chest and back. Therefore sound is an important element of the sixth chakra; the throat chakra. When we are […]

Rolling about and around

The benefits of somatic floor play: I love to roll on the ground. I love floor play whether it is Feldenkrais oriented or whether it has an NIA Joy in Motion taste. Rolling around and about, creeping, crawling, and playing animal… my daily dose of spontaneous play. Whenever I feel tired, overwhelmed, or just in […]

My sexy tango dress

Years ago, when I started dancing tango, I wanted a sexy dress. I found a very nice dress that swirled around me when I danced and which had a very nice low back. For years I have worn that dress with great pleasure and I looked super sexy and elegant in that dress. It draped […]

Aging with grace and confidence

“How Exercise Enhances Aging Brains. Sedentary, older adults who took aerobic dance classes twice a week showed improvements in brain areas critical for memory and thinking.” (Gretchen Reynolds in Phys Ed) Interesting is it, how your brain’s wellbeing is interwoven with your body’s vitality and wellbeing?! I believe that bodies need joyful movement, spontaneity, playfulness, […]

What’s got your back?

Get to know your natural powerhouse. On Tuesday, I will launch a 10-lesson online Feldenkrais Awareness and Transformation through Movement course in English I will take you on an exploratory journey through your back, belly, and breathing movement. You will gain an understanding of the muscles that are active in the back, abdomen, and breathing […]