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So inside, so outside

Today I was working on a new online program to move with lightness, energy and vitality. And that brought back old memories from when I was still auditioning for dance. And the journey I made then to build a caring, respectful relationship with my body and feel the energy, life force and lightness to sparkle […]

How do you feel about your body?

I would like to invite you to reflect with me on our relationship with our body. In our western society, the body is often approached as if it is something mechanical. In my opinion, Western society is very ‘mind’ oriented. When I look at other cultures I also find ways of experiencing the body as […]

The miracle is you!

Today I like to share a poem & song that one of my colleagues was posting on facebook some time ago. It is called ‘The miracle is you’. Yesterday I followed a morning session by coach Els van Laecke. She shared a practise of self-celebration for all the little moments when our light begins to […]

Act in spite of fear

Looking at this picture that I found on facebook 3 years ago, I am most touched by the words ‘Act in spite of fear’. I feel that I and with me many others have firm struggles with overcoming the fear that is holding us back from following our heart. Fear of not being good enough, […]

Free body meditation to calm your nervous system

The last days it was not always easy to keep my calm and peace. Every time when opening facebook or whats-app the fear for Corona, the fear of all this insecurity for the future that is felt by so many people, just hits me and throws me off my legs. I feel all this anxiety […]